everyday // exceptional

M U N D A N E . S P E C T A C U L A R
E V E R Y D A Y .  E X C E P T I O N A L 

For the most part, life is normal. Tens of thousands of days, hundreds of thousands of hours, we find ourselves doing the same things; not always because we want to, but because we need to. When we embrace and live out the best of our mundanities, we can trust in their exceptional impact on who we are and what our story becomes. 

. . . . .

For 7+ months, and several hundred days prior, my life has been wonderfully ordinary. Life with an infant is the slowest and quickest of times. Day after day, every coo, laugh, and wail can seem the same and yet is uniquely today's. Watching our babe grow, inside of my body and then out, is an everyday miracle I never knew I always wanted to know.