“There’s more than meets the eye.” 
So often we come across a multitude of things that are more complex than we’ll ever really know. Just being alive means acknowledging the seen and so often having to trust in the unseen; what is visible is not always the full picture, and what is beneath the surface can speak volumes. There is a richness in the combination of these layers, working together to form a textured story of faith, hope, and perseverance. The intangible made tangible.

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Tracie Cheng’s paintings call to mind natural phenomena with a playful and dynamic quality of space and movement. Interested in patterns, forms, and fractals in nature, and how they densely overlap in the world around us, Tracie creates ethereal spaces that refashion our typical perspectives. There is a richness in the fluid layers and interweaving of her lines and paint, all working together to form a textured story—not dissimilar from her own life experience. The first of her Taiwanese family to be born in the United States, Tracie grew up with the complexities of both cultures shaping her paintings in significant ways. In her practice, a style has emerged that channels aspects of Chinese brush painting, abstraction, and architectural renderings. Tracie’s paintings recall beauty and wonder in the everyday, questioning the relationship between the seen and the unseen. 

Tracie attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with a degree in architecture. After several years of architectural work, her desire to shape environments shifted to the visual arts. In 2016, Tracie began a partnership with Restoration Hardware and was showcased along with other artists at Scope Miami Beach. She has shown her work at galleries in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Shanghai. Tracie has been commissioned to create a series of paintings for Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, a collection for MGM Macau, and her paintings are in private collections all over the world, including Switzerland, Dubai, and the U.S.

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Art has been an outlet in which to express my solutions, pose my problems, find my peace. It is a silent communication that has its ways of speaking louder than words. My love and interest in art and design has led me to understand that it can be applied to almost everything, and can enhance spaces and better experiences. There’s something simultaneously tranquil and passionate about the pieces I create. I approach some pieces with great intention, while others are just fun studies in composition, color, and fluidity. I’m interested in telling stories, capturing beauty, and living a life slow enough to truly see the world around you. Creating art quiets my mind and inspires my soul, and my hope is that others can have a similar experience through this art. 

Grateful to live out this dream with the support of my wonderful art and life partner, Eóin Burke, and our strong willed baby boy teaching me how to take joy every single day.